Labor organization

If looking at a calendar makes your face sweat, then it’s high time for a structured work plan to organize your bachelor thesis. Take your calendar back and count the days until you submit your bachelor thesis. The next step is to go through all the weekends and release two weeks at the end.

That is the necessary buffer time, because in the best case you fall in love, in the worst case you get sick. For all unforeseen incidents you need a little break. The formulated question and your table of contents with the weighting of the individual chapters are already in front of you.

Now adjust your schedule to the table of contents. When planning your time, keep in mind that you will spend almost as much time developing the research question and the table of contents as you need for the actual writing of the bachelor thesis.

The top priority on a schedule is continuous work. You have two choices: Either you decide to work at least two and four hours a day on your bachelor thesis, or you write at least one page each day. One page may not seem like much, but you have to include the search for literature, obtaining literature, and reading.

Organization of the literature selection

Do not you see the forest for the trees? There is so much literature on a subject that the abundance seems almost unmanageable. This is often the case in the social sciences and humanities. The first rule to organize the flood of literature is: look at the literature of the last five to ten years.

Only in exceptional cases do you go further back and include earlier publications in your bachelor thesis. Because every new book, every new article has already processed the information of the previous scientific findings. The second rule is: Sort the literature according to important, perhaps important and unimportant from the table of contents. Do not read the entire book, and then decide afterwards whether it is important for your bachelor thesis.

The third rule is: In the run-up to the topic search, be sure to read a little bit about the booklet, but in the writing process you read carefully. One expects about one scientific source per two pages. So you can use your table of contents to calculate how many books / articles you need to select per chapter.

Writing flow

A big danger in writing is that you can easily get bogged down. The main cause is usually in the not yet mature question, because even so many good tips on work organization, citation and writing style will be of little help, if you do not know what you actually want to say.

Despite your organization, do not make any headway with your bachelor thesis, look at your question and check the aspects: is your question perhaps too general? Is the subject of investigation clearly outlined? Is your method unique? Let your associations run free when designing a mind map. Often, the visualization of your ideas helps focus your thoughts.

Writer’s block

Do you already know this little ugly creature sitting in your ear? Constantly it insults you that you can not write! Let it stay! They are ridiculous! Most people, I would almost say: all people entering a writing process have to live with it.

I give you good advice: do not ignore it, because it will not disappear. Imagine what it looks like, what it wears for clothes, which shoes it prefers. If you have created your being then you can talk to him directly. Give him a seat, but decide when to speak.

Once you’ve made a covenant with your adversary, and you also have a topic that you’re really interested in, then a big hurdle is taken on the way to the bachelor thesis. Writing is a process that requires one thing above and beyond organization: continuity. If possible, take a certain time every day, which is reserved for writing only.

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